>Running Down Mormons

    by Daniel Nuckols

When I heard that I needed to get out and witness to someone with this class, I was not totally sure of where and when I was going to do it.  I had been praying that God would prepare the heart of the person that I would talk to, and that the person would be convicted.  By Friday of last week I still had not talked to anyone.  I was getting a little nervous that I had not fulfilled my requirement yet.  I thought that I would probably hit some public place with some buddies on Monday or Tuesday and try to talk to some people.

Last weekend I went to my hometown, for the weekend and to work on Saturday.  My first job on Saturday was raking and mowing the Senior Center in my hometown.  While I was raking I saw two Mormon men walk by, toting backpacks and wearing suits.  I got really excited.  This was my golden opportunity!  I had talked to two Mormons this past summer and I thought these were probably the same guys.  They had come up to me and started talking to me about Mormonism.  I normally love to argue and debate issues with people, but they kind of caught me off guard, and I was in no position to argue.  At first, I just let them talk and acted like I was interested.  I began by just asking them questions.  I did this because I wanted to catch them in something they would say, and could argue with them and tell them where they were wrong.  However, I had a real hard time catching them in anything they said, because almost everything they said sounded so Christian.  I knew that the Mormon religion was fundamentally wrong and was a cult.  But for some reason I was drawing a blank, and could not remember what they believed.  I was even mixing them up with Jehovah Witnesses.  Apologetically, it was not a good day for me.  In desperation, I had even got to the point where I asked them where their beliefs differed from me!  They would not tell me (of course), they even tried to align themselves with the Evangelical Free denomination which I am apart of.  I asked them how one is saved, and to my surprise they agreed with what I said: that one needed to repent and put their trust in Jesus for salvation.  This caught me a little off guard.    I brought up the issue of the Trinity, and asked them if Jesus is God.  They hesitated a bit and tried to restate it.  But after I asked again they agreed.  I felt like I was getting no where with them.  They were not saying anything I could catch them in.  I also did not have any of my tracts with me.  I wanted to go home and research more on Mormonism and contact them hen I had all the answers, so I asked them for their email address.  They said they didn’t have any.  In frustration I told them, “I know what I believe, but I am just trying to find out what you believe, because I know there are differences in our beliefs.  I want to research more about what you believe.”  One of the guys said to me, “Don’t believe everything you read.”  We talked a bit about Joseph Smith and prophets.  I told them in the Book of Revelation John warns that no one is to add to the Scriptures, and that the Bible was complete with the completion of Revelation.  While I was talking about the authority of the Bible, one of the guys remarked, “Some Christians hold the Bible in such high esteem as if it were God.”  I felt that was a lie straight from the enemy.  If God is perfect, of course He would write a perfect book, and therefore we should hold it in high esteem and regard it as infallible truth.

I went away feeling like a failure at the very crummy job I did at evangelizing.  Later in the day some doubts about my own faith sprung up in my mind.  I did not feel like a very strong Christian that day.
When one does research the beliefs of Mormons one will find that there are drastic differences between what Christians and Mormons believe.  Mormons believe in polytheism. They believe that there are three separate, distinct gods in the “Heavenly Father,” Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.  They also believe that they themselves will achieve godhood by being a good Mormon.  Basically Mormons use a lot of evangelical terms, but they mean a totally twisted different thing than what Christians believe.After that day, I still wanted to bump into them again and talk where we had left off.  So last Saturday I saw this as my golden opportunity.

I hoped they would walk by the Senior Center so I could talk to them.  I was getting really excited and thought this was definitely a God thing.  This time I had brought my tracts in the truck.  I dug in my stash and tried to decide which one to give to them.  My tract supply was kind of depleted from handing out tracts at some county fairs this summer.  I didn’t feel like giving them an Atheist Test tract (which I had the most of), since they had a general belief in a supreme being.  I found a tract that I had never used, it was a unique tract from the standpoint that began by talking about various prophets in history (Jesus, Moses, Muhammad…), and then went into a Law and Gospel message.  I thought this was the perfect tract for them, since the Mormons considered Joseph Smith to be a prophet.  I then decide to call home and ask for prayer, that I would be able to talk to these guys.  My mom prayed with me over the phone.  So I went back to work feeling pretty good about the whole thing.  A song was playing on the radio by the Newsboys about not being ashamed of Jesus Christ.  I felt kind of good when I heard the song and was probably patting myself on the back for not being ashamed.  Then the moment of testing arrived…  I saw them walk by the Senior Center again.  I thought that for sure they would stop and talk to me since I had prayed about it, right?  But no, they just kept on walking.  I couldn’t believe it.  I thought this was the opportunity that God had for me to share the Gospel with someone, and here they were just walking right past me!  I started moving towards them hoping they would see me and I could flag them down, but they kept on walking.  I finally started running, but then halted, feeling a little stupid.  Then for some reason I decided to run them down and give them the tract.  So I ran after them a half a block or so, and said, “Hey guys.”  “How are you doing?”  I now realized that only one of them was who I talked to before and one was a new guy.  I said, “I thought you guys might want to read this.  It is just explains a little of what I believe.”  They were a little surprised that I had chased them down the sidewalk.  “I wanted to meet up with you guys again and talk a little more about our beliefs.”  One of them said a little amazed, “that’s cool that you ran to give us this.”  I asked them if they go out and do this every Saturday.  They said that they do it everyday.  They told me that they have to do this for two years.  One of them said he was from Arizona and the other said he was from Utah.  I said, “Oh, you must not be used to this cold weather we have been having! (They were wearing their hats).  They laughingly agreed.  I didn’t get into the Gospel and what I believed with them, because it didn’t seem like the right time.  It was just small chit chat.  We exchanged numbers; he probably wants to convert me as I do him. I will probably soon call one of them up and ask him what they thought about the tract.  Hopefully then I can give a better defense of the faith.  I left them, and one of them said, “Thanks for running us down to talk to us!”

It is my hope that these two men would be curious enough to read the tract and seriously consider what it says.  I am always amazed at how faithful Mormons are in their witness.  If only Christians would do the same!  Here were two young men about my age, and theyt were doing evangelism for their religion everyday.  The problem though, is that they are so blinded and misguided.  They think they are doing this for God, but really they are doing it for their father the devil.  Think…  If Christians had the same passion and perseverance to go out and talk to people everyday about Jesus, the world would be such a different place!

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