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>Darwin's Preschool (Featured in The Washington Post 05')

Darwin's Preschool


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Darwin's Preschool Washington Post


>My Story with the Washington Post

In March of 05' the Washington Post called me up and askedme if they could use one of my Creation Science cartoons for a special they were doing on intelligent design vs. evolutionism. My cartoon would represent the intelligent design side.

It's funny to think back to the phone coversation I had with the editor... Wendy Ross the editor called and my mom answered the phone. My mom forwarned me that it was the Washington Post wanting to use one of my cartoons. In my mind I was thinking that it was "The Washingtin TIMES," a conservative publication... So I told her how much our family used to get her paper and how much we loved it... I could sense that she was taken a back by this comment - wondering why a conservative creationist would love The Washington Post! My mom was overhearing me in the background and was motioning that this was the Washington Post - Liberal newspaper - that we hated their biased publication...

But I still thought it was the TIMES... So she asked me how much would I charge for the cartoon... I had no idea what to charge... and since I was thinking it was the TIMES and a conservative publication... I would only charge $50... When I told her this she seemed again pleasantly suprised... Almost like she was going to laugh... She was probably thinking... "What a loser..." Anyway, i can only look back and laugh at this fiasco with the Washingtion Post. So what if I passed up my chance to be a millionare?

I actually got payed $200 for the cartoon after she drove up the cost by having me work on revisions and sending and resending other cartoons... I think she felt bad for me...





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